the inhabitants of Gaia

About the inhabitants of Gaia

Mother nature, as a living being that is watching us, reveals herself and reveals to us, discovers herseld and makes us discover ourselves, penetrates deeply, embraces us, it is breathtaking, it calms us, but it also disturbs us. She reminds us who we are, opening to new dimensions and relationships, non-existing in our daily routines, in our rapid vital rhythm.Nature heals us.

The inhabitants of Gaia are creatures of Nature that only show up when you look closely with an attentive eye. Living creatures of land, sea, air, fire, from the woods and the universe, each of them with their own personal qualities, offering a unique dialogue.

Although I start doing symmetries with photos of nature in 2007 - thus having a first contact with the beings that popped out calling my attention- the inhabitants of Gaia started to show themselves clearly and firm in 2012 and since them new faces have emerged. They have changed the way I look and how I interact with nature. They do not cease showing me new possibilities to build a new life inside me and for those around me. Through them, I have become counscious of many of the limits and prejudices I lived with, becoming a better being. I have learned about my daily internal movements and they have motivated me to abandon them expanding and opening other existence possibilities.